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Mango :

Indian mangoes come in various shapes, sizes and colours with a wide variety of flavour, aroma and taste. The Indian mango is the special product that substantiates the high standards of quality and bountiful of nutrients packed in it. A single mango can provide up to 40 percent of the daily dietary fibre needs – a potent protector against heart disease, cancer and cholesterol build –up .In addition, this luscious fruit is a warehouse of potassium, beta- carotene and antioxidants. In India, mangoes are mainly grown in tropical and subtropical regions from sea level to an altitude of 1,500m. Mangoes grow best in temperatures around 27˚C.



                This variety is medium in size, ovate oblique in shape and orange yellow in colour. The pulp is yellow to orange in colour.

                 It is soft, firm and fibreless. It is a mid-season variety.



                      The flesh is firm to meaty, fibreless. Fruit is large in size and obliquely oval in shape.

                      The colour of fruit is golden yellow.Good keeping quality and a mid season variety.



                      Fruit size is medium to large, shape is oblong with necked base and colour is golden yellow. Flesh is cadmium yellow and fibreless, a mid season variety.



                Fruits are medium sized,flesh is sweet and fibreless. Colour is apricot yellow
                with red blush, an early season variety.

               The package boxes dimensions of 320X230X90 mm:

Sr.No Ring & Flap(4 kg) Full Telescopic (4 kg.) Ring & Flap(4 kg) Full Telescopic (4 kg.)
1.Material of construction 3-ply CFB 3-ply CFB 5-ply CFB 5-ply CFB
2.. Grammage( g/m sq),Min (outer to inner) *230X140X140 *230X140X140 *230X140 X140 *230X140X140

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