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Grape (Vitis vinifera) is grown from temperate to warm regions; however, hot and dry climate is ideal. Major grape-growing state is Maharashtra.

                           Sonaka Grapes:


                           Berries are elongated, cylindrical and amber coloured,T.S.S. around 22 o Brix,acidity 0.4- 0.7%

                           Packing Details:-

                           Packaging is normally done in Corrugated or Solid Fibre board cartons. A layer of double pad or protective liner is placed at the bottom of
                            the carton to protect the grapes from bruising and a polyethylene lining is placed over it.The detailed specifications are given below in table.

                           Table: Specification details for Corrugated Fiber Board (CFB) Boxes for packing (5 Kg Box ) {Dimension: 480X300X100 mm}

S.No Specification Slide Type RSC(REGULAR SLOTTED CONTAINER) Tray with LID
1. Material for construction 5-ply CFB 5-ply CFB 5-ply CFB
2. Grammage (g/m sq.)(outer to inner) *230X140X140X140 *230X140 X140X140 *230X140X140X140

                                *Outer ply of white duplex board.

                                The package boxes dimensions is 480X300X100 mm

                                We also customize these boxes as per the requirements of our clients.

                                Payment Terms:-

                              50% advance and remaining on L/C.


                                 Shipment as per the requirements of our clients.(Port to Port)

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